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What a GOO Adventure it's been!

What a GOO Adventure it's been!

Last year April, we had just recently launched Sublingual Doggy GOO with our Fingers & PAWs Crossed. Since then, the GOO Train has left the Station, gaining momentum largely by positive Pet Parent to Pet Parent Word-of-Mouth! I have to admit that even I was surprised with the number and intensity of positive emails that came from Pet Parents (maybe one of them was you!).

I never doubted that GOO would work, but I never expected such an overwhelming response! The GOO Buzz continues to grow, with Pet Parents, Veterinarians, and Veterinary Dermatologists embracing “GOO” !  

Our Healthy GOO Success has allowed us to begin development a series of new products coming soon. Our next GOO Product will be released in July 2012. It is called GOO Gut RESCUE (GGR for short) and it aims to further support and balance a healthy immune system, specifically through the gastrointestinal (GI) system & Food Tolerance building. Current research suggests that a healthy GI Immune System is integral to an overall healthy immune system (more about that later in another posting...).

I don't want to let the RESCUE DOG completely out of the bag yet, but the multi starring Ingredient Roles in this product have been given to a GOO Proprietary Blend of Prebiotics, which Feed our proprietary Blend of Probiotics, a Colostrum Bio-Active which has been clinically shown to Repair GI Integrity damage, as well as Seven (7) Food Antigens. If some of those words seem foreign to you, it is because these ingredients are truly cutting edge! As always, our website will arm you with more than enough information to help you / guide you on the importance of all these ingredients.

Still further, we are planning our third product towards the end of summer. It’s health focus will be turned to our “Senior Varsity Dogs”, whose health needs are unique to this Life Stage. It is called GOO Silver and is geared towards not only supporting healthy (and younger, should I say?) Bone & Joint Mobility, but also Cognitive function. Staying true to our GOO Roots, we are including cutting-edge natural ingredients in this formula too!

Still even further, by the end of the year, we plan on launching another really exciting product that supports Canine Oral Health in an innovative way. Can You say Goodbye to Stinky Dog Breath / Periodontal Issues / Plaque / Tarter ?!  Even my Dentist was intrigued! Look for GOO Oral BLIS later this year. I'm thinking it would be a good stocking stuffer for our pet friends (and the better smelling Doggy kisses would be like a present to their pet parents too!)

We certainly have our GOO Work cut out before us, and we are looking forward to another great GOO Adventure in the year ahead. If you have already joined us on this GOO Adventure, please accept our Heartfelt GOO Thanks. If not, it's never too late to bring your Furry Friends along !  

And as GOO Always….
Wishing You Rapid Success in Achieving a Healthy GOO Glow for Your Animal ASAP As GOO Possible !

GOO Regards,

Dr. Kristin DVM DACVD

Posted: 6/24/2012 | Updated: 6/24/2012

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