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Dog Flu


Scientists: Dog Flu Epidemic
caused by a Virus Strain
not seen before in North America

Canine Influenza, not just Chicago.

Dog Flu Epidemic caused by a Virus Strain not seen before in North America: Scientists

Canine Influenza is spreading across the Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana Midwest, but with the Spring Break / Travel, the outbreak could easily grow.

Initially Diagnosed and Treated as Kennel Cough, DVMs are beginning to see a number of dogs with advanced Respiratory Disease and are beginning to suspect Canine Influenza caused by the Influenza Virus H3N8 Strain, and possibly the “newer” H3N2 Viris from Asia which has never been seen before in North America.

The Virus can persist on toys, bedding, clothing, leashes and other objects for days. While some Dog’s Immune system are able to Fight Off this Virus, as many as 50 – 80% of Exposed Dogs will manifest Flu Like Symptoms. With a small % developing high risk Pneumonia.

Regardless if they display illness or not, all dogs infected with the virus will shed the virus in their respiratory secretions for 14 days.

Dog owners traveling to the Canine Influenza Region are advised to take precautions and avoid dog parks, group training activities and other areas where their pets might encounter other dogs.

While Canine influenza cannot be transmitted to humans or other animals, it is readily spread from dog to dog through direct contact or shared contaminated objects.

Because Dogs can't tell you when something is wrong, so you have to be vigilant and aware of your dog's body and mood.

Signs of the disease include:

  • Persistent Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Elevated Temperature
  • Yellow / Green Discharge from Eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Not Eating Well
  • Acting Sad / Depressed

Supportive therapy may include intravenous fluid therapy, antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections, nebulization therapy, and/or cough suppressants. As a result of viral damage to lung tissue, opportunistic bacteria invade the lung and may cause pneumonia.

Take Home Messages:

  • Be on Influenza Alert for possibility emerging Signs.
  • Keep Your DOG’s Immune System Supported and Healthy with
  • “If” your Dog requires DVM intervention, Pharma will be involved. As such, all the more reason to keep your Dog’s GUT “Bug-biome” Healthy & Balanced ..

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Posted: 4/14/2015 | Updated: 4/14/2015

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