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When an ITCH is NOT an Itch !


Question > When is a Doggy Itch ... NOT a Doggy Itch ?

Answer > When it is an Enviro ALLERGY Itch !

Is Your Itchy DOG [Allergy] SAD ?

Flea = No

Skin Mites = No

Food Allergies = No

Enviro = 85% Yes !
Pollens = Yes !
Dust Mites = Yes !
Molds = Yes !

For Pet Parents...
It is important to know that
85% of our Itchy, Paw Chewing, Gunky Ear DOGs are Allergic to the Same Enviro Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds that We Suffer From.

While “ Us Human’s “ take in our Enviro Allergy TroubleMakers via our Respiratory …

With our Dog’s it is ALL about the Skin !

Whether it is a defective Derm / Skin Layer that starts Itchy Things Off …

Or …

An Internal Allergy Presence that prompts the Skin to be “Enviro Porous” …

We will leave that up to the DVM Dermatologists to Mull Over …

But as far as You / the Pet Parent is Concerned …

You just KNOW that Your Dog’s Itching as moved from the “ Occasional Itch”

To a “Non-Stop” constant Itching, Paw Chewing, Biting Frenzy !

Not only Destroying Your Dog, but also Driving YOU Crazzy !

Crazzzy to see your Animal’s Self Mutilation / Health & Happiness Erode ..

And Crazzzy for You …

Because You can not Sleep, go for a Walk or even Play .. without Your Dog’s Stopping to Itch .. Itch .. Itch .. :(

When you look to the nature of Allergy Disease, You find that Allergy is a Cumulative / Progressive
“Allergy SnowBall” ..

An Allergy SnowBall gaining SPEED ( Frequency of Allergy Driven Health Issues ) and MASS ( Severity of Allergy Driven Health Issues ) as it Rolls Down Life’s Hill.

Beginning at Birth, with a “ That’s What Dog’s Do .. They Itch” at 1.25 – 2.25 Yr. ..

But as Time / the Allergy SnowBall continues to Roll…

The Occasional / Seasonal Itch soon becomes a Year-round Itch, and with it, all the Health & Quality of Life Complications that Come !.

In fact, ALLERGY is often the Driving Disease “Behind” the incidence ofGunky Ears, Skin Trauma, Paw Chewing & Hot Spots, which TOP the List of DVM Treated Health Issues in our Dogs.

So What is a Pet Parent to Do ?

Yes, Pharma / Med’s DO Stop the Itch.

But only by Fooling the Body into Believing there is No Problem.

But to make matters worse, by Masking Symptoms, Pharma leaves the Cumulative Progression of the Allergy Disease / SnowBall Intact.

For it only to Roll Bigger & Faster as Time Rolls On !

And Yes, it is Important to Support the Immune System …

And Yes, it is Important to maximize the GUT’s Health Contribution …

But when it comes to a Mis-Wired Allergy Immune System …

It is important to realize that building Internal Tolerance to the very Sources of your Animal’s Itch, is the most Successful.

It is to this Internal Allergy Fighting Focus / Strategy that 100% Natural / DVM Dermatologist Formulated, Doggy GOO has been helping frustrated Pet Parents with Itchy Allergy Dogs for over 4 Yr.


How ?

Recognizing that Enviro Allergy Sources are the Source of your Animal’s Itch…

Doggy GOO Targets & Builds Heightened Internal Tolerance to 15 of the Major Enviro Allergy TroubleMakers that cause your Dog to Itch.

GOO Pet Parents tell us that Slowly over Time, GOO Tolerance is built to a level that their Animal’s “External” Allergy Symptoms begin to abate … indicting that the “Internal” GOO Tolerance Building Process has begun.

But BEST of All … Doggy GOO is FUN for your Dog …

Via daily Peanut Butter Doggy GOO, your Dog will not only be Fighting its Itchy Allergies, But also enjoying a GOO-Licious Treat.

Learn More about Doggy GOO and visit ..

But as Important, Pls Read what other Pet Parents ( Who were Like You ) have to say about their Dog’s GOO Experience.

Wishing All of our Furry Friends a Healthy GOO Glow ASAP as GOO Possible.


Stop Masking Symptoms with Pharma ..

Take Your Allergy Fight to the Source ..

Fight Your DOG’s Itchy Allergies 100% Naturally with Doggy GOO !

Wishing All of our Furry Friends a Healthy GOO Glow !

Your Dog will Doggy GOO Lick IT Up !

Posted: 4/15/2015 | Updated: 4/15/2015

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