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Do you remember playing “Dot-to-Dot” as a child?  The simple ones had only a few dots with a predictable pattern, making it easy to guess what the final picture might be.  The harder ones looked like a mess of hundreds of randomly placed dots, making it much more difficult to figure out what the final picture would be.
The process of discovering or creating a health product, such as Doggy GOO is much the same.  Some breakthroughs require intensive research at the molecular level (hundreds of tiny dots) in order to eventually find a connection with a disease process.  At first, this connection may elude the researcher or take a completely different path.  Other times, the research is right in front of us, staring us in the face, daring us to “Connect the Dots”.
Doggy GOO is like those Easy, and Not so Easy Connect-the-Dot Puzzles. 

Let me explain.
DOT #1
Doggy GOO contains pre- & probiotics.  Sure, you have heard about probiotics for GI (gastrointestinal) health, but did you know that probiotics can also decrease the signs and symptoms of allergies?  There is growing evidence that probiotics may even decrease the chance that allergies will develop in a growing fetus when the mother takes them!  This evidence is largely based on human research, but studies are beginning to show the same results in animals as well.

DOT #2
Doggy GOO contains yeast cell-wall extracts.  This product was first introduced as a natural supplement for cows to keep them healthy.  When the farmers started taking some for themselves, they noticed they were healthier too.  Even the factory workers who connected-the-dots  and published official scientific studies that supported this claim.  Now, a division of the company manufactures a human supplement called EpiCor.  Perhaps you have heard of this, or may even be taking it yourself.  The animal version, Diamond-V, is found in Doggy GOO.

DOT #3
Doggy GOO contains naturally-occurring extracts from plants, trees, weeds, molds, and mites (even a couple of foods!).  When these allergenic proteins are absorbed through the skin or inhaled through the lungs, they may sensitize a dog (scratch, scratch, lick), or a person (Achoo!), to develop an allergic reactions to those specific proteins.
However, when small amounts of these substances are injected under the skin, or are allowed to contact the mucosa area under the tongue, gums, and cheeks (also known as sublingual), the body’s immune system develops tolerance instead.  This means that the dog (or person) is less likely to develop signs and symptoms of allergies to those specific allergenic proteins.
Scientific studies in dogs and humans have supported the use of doctor-prescribed subcutaneous (meaning under the skin) immunotherapy, also known as “allergy shots” for many, many years. But over the past decade, European allergy patients have taken another delivery route, and have been treated with custom-made liquid drops given under the tongue (sublingual immunotherapy, or SLIT) as a means to neutralize their allergies.  It is this sublingual delivery method that is gradually gaining acceptance in the United States and is projected to be the preferred method of treating human allergies in the near future.
But, sublingual immunotherapy is not just for humans, rather it has also been a “Hot Topic” at recent veterinary dermatology conferences both abroad, as well as here in the United States.  In fact, recent veterinary dermatology studies indicate that SLIT is as effective as, if not more effective than, traditional “allergy shots” in the neutralization of dust mite allergy in dogs.  This is good news not only for dogs who don’t like their owners giving them repeated injections. But, also good news for pet owners, who find the sublingual delivery method to be both pet and pet-owner friendly.
It is exactly this clinically powerful, pet / pet-owner friendly sublingual delivery method that Doggy GOO has chosen to deliver its “GOO Glow” to its Doggy GOO Dogs. In fact, Doggy GOO leverages this allergy neutralizing therapy breakthrough even further by including 17 of the most common environmentally-sourced grass, tree, weed pollens, mites and mold spore proteins that adversely affect allergic dogs. Thus ensuring that all of the major offending enviro allergy sources are targeted, translating to a Doggy GOO Glow Dog.
But as you already can see, Doggy GOO is not just your “ordinary” canine immune health supplement. Rather, Doggy GOO has taken a special “GOO Lick / Lick / Lick” approach in its sublingual delivery. You see, with sublingual delivery, it is very important that the allergy ingredients (proteins) spend as much time as possible in the dog’s mouth, to allow the maximum time to be absorbed through the thin mucous membrane and into the bloodstream. While a simple “squirt or mist” of these ingredients into the dogs mouth is the obvious delivery method, Doggy GOO’s developers recognized early on, that this method was inferior. Firstly, this method is pet and pet-owner unfriendly (i.e. try holding a dog still while administering the liquid?). Secondly, the allergy ingredients, once squired into the mouth, are quickly, if not instantly swallowed, where they lose their allergy effectiveness.
To address the dual sublingual goals of pet and pet-owner friendliness and maximizing absorption time of allergy ingredients in the mouth, the developers of Doggy GOO approached food scientists for a Doggy GOO Solution. But at the end of the day, and after many proposed formulations that contained ingredients that sounded from another world, Doggy GOO’s developers took a look at the “dots” that were right in front of them and chose a 100% natural ingredient that dogs not only love, but also would provide the necessary texture and viscosity to achieve their desired sublingual goals - namely organic peanut butter ! You see, it is the very nature of peanut butter that allows these environmental proteins to be administered via the GOO Lick / Lick / Lick Method, allowing them to remain in the mouth for an extended period of time, allowing access to mucosal surfaces and prodding the immune system into a state of allergen tolerance. And, as we all know, dogs just love peanut butter !
So there you have the “Connect the Dots” of Doggy GOO. While the name Doggy GOO may sound “Cute & Playful”, you can see that a lot of scientific and medical “GOO Thought” went into the development of Doggy GOO. Now all that’s left is for you to take the scientific evidence (“Dots”) in both human and veterinary medicine and connect them to your specific “Doggy situation”.  We feel, that it is not too hard to predict that the final picture will be a Happy & Healthy Dog, Thanks to Doggy GOO!

Posted: 7/18/2011 | Updated: 7/18/2011

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