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When Dr. Kristin Holm, Veterinary Dermatologist and Medical Director with Healthy GOO was formulating her new, premium Canine Immune Health Supplement, she needed one last, but very special ingredient.
She had already identified the natural environmental pollens, mites and mold extracts to be used to build immune system tolerance to those “Itchy Dog” allergy sources. She had already found the natural beneficial yeast cell ingredients which supported and balanced the Dog’s 1st Line / Innate Immune Defense Tier. She had even identified the Pre & Probiotics, which are designed to survive the acidic gauntlet of the stomach where they colonize in the GUT and are able to do provide their “Good Bacteria” benefits. But there was one very important, almost pivotal ingredient, which she still needed. And, as with the other ingredients, it had to be 100% natural, but it also had to pass TWO very stringent tests.

As pointed out by Dr. Kristin, “the best health product, medicine or therapy in the world is rendered useless, if the patient is Non-Compliant”. And in the case of her Cute & Playfully named new canine product, Doggy GOO, her “Patients” are DOGs! To meet this requirement, the first test of this ingredient demanded that DOGs had to just “LUV it !”. Even to the point that they would not only view their Health Supplement as a Tasty Treat, but as importantly, their “Pet Parent” would also be more than happy to be Doggy GOO compliant.
To address this “Taste Challenge”, Healthy GOO turned to numerous Food Scientists, who concocted numerous formulations containing more letters than the alphabet. While they were natural and even tasty to dogs, they just did not “seem the same” as the other all natural ingredients. It was then that the “proverbially obvious” solution presented itself, Why not use peanut butter! DOGS just LUV Peanut Butter!
In was in her peanut butter search that she found an employee-owned cooperative in the small town of Nunda, NY. Who in addition to processing organic and natural nut butters, seed butters, roasted nuts and organic honey, was a pioneer in the natural foods industry and has numerous awards to prove it. This cooperative was interestingly called; Once Again Nut Butter. It was Once Again who worked with Healthy GOO to select the Best organic Nut Butter for its Doggy GOO Taste requirement. In fact, Once Again Nut Butter has recently been selected “The World’s GREATEST Organic Peanut Butter on the Planet” by How2 Media and featured on the ION Network cable television show “World’s Greatest”. A TV Series dedicated to highlighting the world’s greatest companies, products, places and people. Dr. Kristin says, “ Many Pet Parents want nothing but the best for their Pet, the choice of Once Again Peanut Butter for Doggy GOO was based on the highest quality, natural, organic ingredients and BTW, DOG’s LUV Once Again !
But Dr. Kristin’s ingredient quest was not over, the chosen Nut Butter had to pass its second, equally important test. It had to pass Doggy GOO’s “Sublingual, Lick / Lick / Lick” test. You see, while the beneficial yeast and probiotic ingredients can simply be mixed into a dog’s food and ingested to achieve their health benefits. It was the environmental ingredients that required a special immune system delivery method for them to do their allergy fighting magic. You see, the nut butter not only had to have a “Neutral” effect on Doggy GOO’s ingredients and Taste Canine GOO-Licious. But after the GOO was thinly spread on a clean plate, it had to be of the consistency and viscosity such that the dog would not just “Gulp it down all at once”, but instead be required to repeatedly Lick / Lick / Lick IT Up to fully consume.
Dr. Kristin says, “For our environmental ingredients to achieve their allergy tolerance building benefits, they have to remain in the dog’s mouth for as long of a period of time as possible, where they can be sublingually absorbed directly into the blood stream via the thin mucous of the mouth. While directly “Squirting or Misting” the allergy ingredients into the Dog’s mouth was initially considered, that methodology is not very Dog or Pet Parent Friendly and does not achieve the bio-availability absorption duration of Doggy GOO’s Lick / Lick / Lick Method”. In fact, recent veterinary dermatologist clinical studies have shown sublingual immunotherapy delivery to be Equal, if not superior, to traditional, Gold Standard Allergy SHOTs in the neutralization of Dust Mite Allergies in Dogs. Good News, especially for Itchy Allergy Dogs, and their Pet Parents.
Dr Kristin sums it up, ““In my practice, I have long recognized that the majority of animal illnesses and health challenges have their basis in some sort of immune irregularity, with the most common immune imbalance being environmental allergies, i.e. atopic dermatitis. I also know that while allergy shots do work, because pet owners are required to administer their dogs’ allergy shots, together with the “Ouch Factor”, many pet owners simply do not take advantage of this therapy. For me, this has always been a major source of frustration. It is for this suffering canine population that we have created Doggy GOO”.
So, while it may seem rather odd to be using the “World’s Greatest Nut Butter on the Planet” in a Dog Health Supplement, as mentioned by Healthy GOO’s Stephen Hauer “There is Sublingual Method to the Doggy GOO Madness; plus, don’t forget Doggy GOO’s many other Immune benefit Ingredients”.
Thanks Once Again Nut Butter for making Doggy GOO a GOO-Licious and Healthy Treat for all our Canine Friends!”

Posted: 8/4/2011 | Updated: 8/4/2011

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