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Your Best Friend Holds a Special Piece of Your Heart

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Your Best Friend Holds a Special Piece of Your Heart

For many pet parents one of our main goals in life, is to strive to be the person or pet parent that our pets think we are!

In the grand scheme of human evolution, it was not that long ago, that man and his best friend were huddled in a cold, dark, damp cave next to the camp fire sharing what they could forage or the results of their hunt. Dogs have stuck by our sides for centuries, as hard workers, playful companions, and loyal confidants. In fact, the relationship between dogs and us goes back 15,000 years.

Experts say dogs are descended from Wolves, and many believe their long relationship with humans led to a co-evolution of the species. Ancient canines living close to people served as alarm systems, protecting humans, while in exchange, they had prime access to scraps and were inadvertently protected. As wolves grew tamer, they learned how to read human social cues. Eventually, we began domesticating and breeding dogs for specific sizes, purposes, and abilities. Far beyond hunting and herding, todays service dogs can provide support to those with post-traumatic stress disorder or to children learning to read.

From this ancient beginning of time, canine companions have been our partners. As a result, there has been forged a universally understood, unspoken bond, a partnership in survival, between man and his best friend.


They take GOOD Care of YOU.
  And You...
    Take GOO Care of Them.

While the survival days of "The Hunt" are now a distant past, the powerful meaning, trustworthiness and significance of canine companionship to mankind is vastly underestimated and is only now being fully appreciated. Not only do pets continue to enrich the lives of man with unconditional love, security, acceptance and companionship, but pets also lend healing for us humans. They provide endless therapeutic, mood-boosting and psychological benefits. Simply petting our dogs causes a feel-good neurochemical release in us and in them. They make us feel good and strengthen our resilience through times of stress, crisis, persistent adversity, and disruptive episodes of life! The well-being and healing power that a pet provides to its human partner is as boundless as their spirit!

Dogs are always happy to see us. Dogs rely on us for shelter, food, water, mental stimulation, and protection, and when those needs are met, dogs feel connected to us. The proof that dogs enjoy our companionship is evident in their body language a happily wagging tail says it all.

At the End of the Day

Pets make such a positive impact in the quality of our lives that we will make sure that they will be with us forever! To the very end of "our" days!

Posted: 8/21/2011 | Updated: 8/21/2011

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