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About Dr. Kristin

About Dr Kristin
I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 13 years old. At that time, I had to pick a professional to “shadow” for a career day at school. I chose to “shadow” our veterinarian. Later that summer, I volunteered at the same practice, cleaning out cages and walking dogs. The next year, when I had to choose a different professional to “shadow”, I spent the day at my dentist’s office, which further confirmed that I would rather doctor pets than people’s mouths! I was on the fast track to becoming a vet as I honed my academic ambitions on everything science.

When my college counselor asked what I wanted to major in, I just said ‘Pre-Vet’. Her response was that I had to choose an actual degree that I could “fall back on” in case I didn’t get accepted to vet school. I didn’t accept that as a possibility and just insisted on taking only pre-vet classes. Despite my counselor advising otherwise and trying to tell me that no one gets into vet school after two years, I was admitted to the veterinary school at Iowa State University after two years, at the young age of 19.

During vet school, I especially enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of medicine. Upon graduation, I joined a busy general practice that also had specialists. At least 30% of the dogs and cats I cared for had some kind of skin issue. Slowly but surely, the challenges that dermatology presented made me realize that I would rather know “a lot about a little” rather than “a little about a lot”. So, when my husband expressed a desire to further his education by going back to school for an MBA, I decided to join him by applying for a dermatology residency at a school nearby. I felt blessed to be accepted into a residency at the University of Pennsylvania in a year when only 8 residencies were available nationwide.

Under the expert guidance of three board-certified dermatologists and a board-certified dermatohistopathologist, I successfully completed my residency and became board-certified in 1999, at the age of 23. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed limiting my practice and focus to veterinary dermatology. For 6 years, I built a thriving veterinary dermatology practice in the western suburbs of Chicago. Then, family life took priority, and we moved to the Des Moines area, where I joined my alma mater, Iowa State University, and participated in the clinical instruction of 4th year veterinary students. In 2010, an opportunity closer to home in Des Moines found me once again starting a veterinary dermatology practice. I am currently the owner of Veterinary Dermatology Consultation Services, Inc.

In addition to caring for dogs and cats with skin problems, I also am a consultant for the online website Veterinary Information Network, which strives to provide practicing veterinarians with information, resources, and case-specific consultations via the internet. I have authored several articles for its online textbook, Associate, as well as published and presented research in peer-reviewed journals and meetings.

When Stephen approached me with his concept for an animal immune health supplement, I was intrigued. I have appreciated the movement society has made towards wanting natural and organic health products; in fact, I have become more “natural” in my consumer choices as well! As a veterinary dermatologist, I have come to realize that the majority of illnesses and health challenges have as their basis some sort of immune irregularity. The idea of balancing the immune system is a noble one. Obviously, the most common immune imbalance that I encounter as a veterinarian is allergies. Many animals don't have the benefit of a dermatologist as part of their healthcare team. It is my goal to bring this awareness to all owners, and to try to normalize pets’ immune systems so they may enjoy a happier existence. After all, we own pets not only to enhance our own happiness, but that of our furry friends as well!

I am incredibly excited to bring you this product, Doggy GOO, which combines the proven benefits of probiotics, yeast cell wall extracts, and the proprietary blend of environmental extracts in one tasty peanut butter treat. This has been nearly a year and a half in the making, but we are not done yet! We plan on proof-of-concept studies in the near future, as well as making this blend of ingredients available in a cat-friendly formulation.

Then, who knows?

The Future is Here and Now for Those Willing to Make the Leap.


Dr. Kristin Holm DVM / DACVD
Co-Principal Healthy GOO

About Stephen

About Steve
My life and career path leading to GOO has been a circuitous one. For my first 28 professional years, I was involved in the medical industry, on both domestic and international levels, with such global medical players as Baxter and Siemens. Throw in a couple of medical startups, and now of all things, I find myself totally consumed by a company called Healthy GOO ™!

After these first 28 years, I was presented with an opportunity to begin a company whose focus was of all things, Allergy. Upon further research, I found that 30% of all infants begin life fighting a lifetime sequence of multiple diseases (Allergy MARCH), which are often the result of their inherited Allergy Disease. At this point, it is important to say that while a genetic predisposition to Allergy or Allergic Asthma does play a role in the incidence of allergy in an individual, environmental factors also come into play and when combined with inherited allergy tendencies result in an individual’s Achoo!

Read more about Allergy March - Quest Diagnostics | World Allergy | Siemens

It was with my creation of, together with the Medical Director leadership of Dr. Glenn Toth M.D. that I began to totally immerse myself in building "Allergy Awareness" in anyone who would listen. My allergy message included: What "IS" Allergy, The Types of Allergy/Asthma, It's Possible Causes, The progression of diseases caused by Allergy, and most importantly, How to take Allergies out of Yours and Your Child’s Health and Future!

DropYourAllergies is all about bringing an incredible, medically-based therapy called Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy to you and your family via your “Just around the Corner” Primary Care Physician. As an overview, is a National Allergy Services Company supporting any USA Physician with IgE Allergy Blood Testing for the most common seasonal and year-round allergens specific to each patient’s unique geo-region.

Once Your offending allergens are blood test identified, your physician prescribes your daily, drug free, under-the-tongue, Immuno-Allergy drops (i.e.: allergy shot without the ouch) which are custom formulated containing pure FDA extracts of what you are allergic to. Slowly over time, the extract concentrations are increased, allowing the natural adaptive properties of your immune system to recalibrate and desensitize itself to neutralize the source of your unique allergy, producing lasting, if not lifetime health and quality of life benefits that come with being allergy neutral.

It was during this time that I came across an interesting fact that many dogs and cats are either not adopted, or returned because a family member was found to be allergic to them. I also found that many pet parents actually do suffer from allergies, but would rather suffer, than say good-bye to their beloved furry friend. It was then that I embarked on an Allergy Message Program via Pet Supply Stores and Pet Adoption sites, entitled; "Do Not Let Your Allergies Get Between You and your Pet" (i.e.: DropYourAllergies Not Your Pet).

GOO readers and pet parents may find it interesting that very often pets get an "Allergy Bad Rap" when it comes to being blamed for a person’s allergy. In fact, allergy is not about any single offending allergen, be it cat or dog, but rather it is the cumulative, effect of multiple offending seasonal & year-round allergens, which all add up to an individual’s total allergy load. When their allergy load increases and exceeds their "symptom threshold" this results in Achoo!

That was 8 years ago and I have not stopped talking Allergies or Allergy Drops since! While I continue to build awareness that it is possible to say no to your allergies and not your pet, I came across a very interesting fact. Namely, Dogs and Cats have Allergies Too!

Which brings me to now to Healthy GOO ™ and Doggy GOO ™.

It was the result of my dog & cat allergy research that I found some very disturbing similarities between man and beast. Not only are allergies present in humans, dogs and cats compromising the health and quality of life of the sufferer, but the offered treatment options are also very similar. Namely, that the Allergy Disease symptoms in both human and animals, are predominately being controlled or managed by medication.

It was then I embarked on my quest to find a Veterinarian Professional Medical Director who not only recognized this population of suffering animals, but who also wanted to do something about it! After a laborious journey, I partnered with an individual, who is not only extremely professionally talented but someone whose primary focus is on the well-being and wellness of our animals.

It was on this personal, professional, visionary foundation and Medical Director Partnership with Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr. Kristin Holm that Healthy GOO ™ began. Under her medical leadership and guidance Doggy GOO ™ was formulated & created to:
  • Support & Balance the 1st Line (Innate) immune system defenses
  • Build natural (Acquired) immune system tolerance to 15 Environmental Allergy Sources
  • Foster a healthy gut immune response via Pre & Probiotics
  • And best of achieve this health benefit for your pet drug free and 100% GOO Naturally!

It is my hope, that after reading this story, you can understand my excitement about Healthy GOO ™ and that through the Doggy GOO ™ synergy of Dr. Kristin and myself (Kitty GOO to follow); we will be able to bring a Healthy GOO Glow ™, not only to your pet, but to your life with your pet.

At the end of the day, it is our wish that you and your pet achieve both!


Stephen Hauer M.S.M. M.B.A.
Co-Principal Healthy GOO


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