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Doggy GOO

Fight Itchy Allergies to Environmental Sources.
Builds Tolerance to 8 Pollens, 4 Dust Mites & 3 Molds. Plus Pre & Probiotics maintain GUT Health & Support Allergy Fight.

Doggy GOO ™ - 1 Container - $77.63

Doggy GOO

Qty 1 - 16-oz Container of Doggy GOO ™ Power to Defend ™

A 16-oz Container of GOO = 90 TeaSpoons. This may translate to 90 Days to 30 Days Supply depending on your DOG’s Weight and whether your Animal is “Well” or “Allergy Stressed”. Please review Feeding Instructions Site Page for further Detail.
Special Note:
  • Allergy is a Nasty, Tenacious, Entrenched, Cumulative, Progressive, 24/7 Chronic Disease. A  "Mis-Wiring" in the Immune System. Healthy GOO's / Doggy GOO Glow / Goal / Strategy is to Naturally / Slowly Leverage the Natural Adaptive Power of the Immune System to ReTrain / ReCaliberate / Build heightened "Internal" Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Sources, such that via this heightened Internal Immune Tolerance, "External" Allergy Symptoms are Not Triggered / Mitigated. As such, this GOO Strategy can not be Rushed & Takes Time. PET Parents are asked to Review Details of the STRESSed Phase ( Approx. 90 Days ) & WELL ( Ongoing Thereafter ) Phase of Doggy GOO's Protocol to allow correct GOO Planning / Expectations.
  •  Often Itchy Allergy Dogs have had a Past History of Heavy Pharma, Steroid Use and/or Antibiotics. If this is the Case, Healthy GOO has found ( in our opinion ) that your Animal's GUT Biome "May" by Bad Bug Compromised / Dominated. If this Occurs, not only does this condition compromise Daily Food BreakDown / Absorption, but ( in Healthy GOO's Opinion ) an Out of Balance GUT-Biome can appreciably Impede the Progress of Doggy GOO's Enviro Allergy Fight. "If " You feel that this might be the case with your Animal, or if You want to take Pre-Emptive / Pro-Gut-Biome Measures, Healthy GOO recommends that GOO Gut Rescue be Mixed ( @ a WELL Amount ) into the STRESSed Amount of Doggy GOO. This will "Rescue" your Animal's GUT-Biome and needs only to be continued for 1 Jar of GOO Gut Rescue. After which the Pre & Probiotics in Doggy GOO "should" be sufficient to carry on thereafter.     
  • No One Knows the Health Status of your Animal better than You & your DVM. Further, because many Co-Factors come into play regarding the Severity / Entrenchment of Your Animal's Allergy Status, GOO is always interested to Learn Your Animal's Past / Present Allergy Symptoms, past Itch Suppress Measures taken, Age / Breed. GOO Welcome's Your Insights in the Comment Section of your GOO Order.  
  • Because GOO uses the Best / 100% Natural / Human Grade Peanut Butter. Please be Sure that Your Dog "Luvs" Peanut Butter. 
Canadian Customers: Pls note that GOO Canadian Pet Parents will be responsible for Canadian Duty & Tax Charges in addition to S&H [ Sorry :( ]
No Return / Guarantee Policy Statement: Because of the Ingredient Profile and unique Health Focus of Health GOO’s Product’s, Healthy GOO cannot offer any Guarantee / Return or Refund. Pet Parents are asked to Call Healthy GOO / 855-246-2426 with Any GOO Questions before Purchase. 
These Statements have not been Evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These Products are Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any Disease.
No one knows the Health Profile / Status of your Dog better than You and Your DVM. As such, it is Suggested that before taking any Healthy GOO Product Action, that you first Consult your DVM.  

Wishing your Animal a Healthy GOO Glow ASAP as GOO Possible.


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