GOO Gut Rescue: Helping dogs with gastrointestinal issues

Help is on the way for dogs that have issues with their gastrointestinal (GI) immune system thanks to the newest product on the market from Doggy GOO called GOO Gut Rescue. The new product works to maintain and balance your dog’s delicate GI immune system that has a complex MicroBlome interaction of healthy bacteria that block harmful bacteria from overpopulating the gut.

Fighting bacteria

“If the balance between healthy and harmful bacteria is disrupted and moves to harmful dominance, problems like diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite can result,” says Dr. Kristin Holm, a DVM and DACVD. “More importantly, the healthy bacteria are critical to producing substances that are both anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. When the Gut Flora balance is disrupted, the body’s immune system is less efficient at fighting off diseases, including food and environmental allergies.”

Dr. Holm, who is one of just 200 veterinary dermatologists in the U.S., and her business partner Stephen Hauer have already had an impact when it comes to battling environmental allergies in dogs. Their first product, Doggy Goo, has had a major impact in a short time tackling environmental allergies in dogs. Many Pet Parents are not aware that 85 percent of itchy allergy dogs are allergic to the same pollens, dust mites and molds that humans are.

There are currently some products on the market aimed at GI health but many contain only probiotics. While probiotic are important, more help is needed in tackling the overall problem.

Helping probiotics

“GOO Gut Rescue’s proprietary mixture of probiotics was formulated by a DVM Microbial expert and contains prebiotics to support the growth and survival of probiotics in the gut,” adds Dr. Holm. “The patented product also includes an exiting new colostrum ingredient which has been clinically shown to repair gut lining damage and goes on to support the integrity of the GI system, even when it is stressed. Proteins from 7 provactive foods – Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Wheat, Corn and Soy – that can cause food allergies and food issues are also sublingually included to encourage natural tolerance over time.”

This product was developed through the expertise of a board-certified veterinary dermatologist and a veterinarian who is an expert in the probiotic field. In true keeping with the sublingual methodology of Healthy GOO, this product has 100 percent natural peanut butter as its base to ensure maximal exposure to the mucosal surfaces in the mouth as well as being eagerly ingested by dogs.

Sublingual help for allergies and more

Healthy GOO’s first product, Doggy GOO (see story), uses extracts from various environmental factors that trigger allergies mixed with peanut butter. When a dog licks the peanut butter, the extracts reach the dog’s immune system sublingually. As immunities build, allergic reactions diminish. If a dog is already on Doggy GOO, he or she could also benefit from GOO Gut Rescue.

“In fact, dogs who can benefit from the immune support of Doggy GOO will likely experience an even quicker response if GOO Gut Rescue is given concurrently in the first few months,” adds Dr. Holm. “GOO Gut Rescue should also be given to any dog whose gastrointestinal system might be stressed from illness, lifestyle changes, medications, or food intolerance.

Learn more about Healthy GOO’s products or purchase them online and follow them on Facebook. A third product, GOO Silver, aimed at healing senior dogs, will be on the market soon.

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