Human Allergies – GOOy CHEWy Relief

Allergies may not Kill You …

But sometimes, they sure as Heck …

Make You Wish … You were Dead !

[ Anonymous Allergy / Allergic Asthma Sufferer ]

May we Suggest …

GOOy CHEWy Relief

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builds Tolerance

to 14 Major Enviro Allergy Sources


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Allergy is strongly Genetically Driven.

   If Mother & Father suffer from Allergies / 2 Parents have Allergies / Allergic Asthma; there is

                           a 75% likelihood that their Child will also have Allergies.

   If ONE Parent is an Allergy Sufferer, there is a 40% likelihood that their Child will also have Allergies.

   Even If NO Parents have Allergies, there is a 25-30% likelihood that  their Child will have Allergies.

Allergy is a Mis-Wired Immune System, which mistakes innocent
         / harmless Environmental Allergens such as Pollen, Animal Dander,
         Insect, Molds etc. as Harmful Intruders. Which with each exposure,
         triggers a MisDirected Immune Response / Chain of very
         UnHealthy and UnPleasant Events for the Allergy Sufferer.

  “Un-Neutralized” Allergy is a 24 / 7 / 365 / LifeTime,
Progressive,  Cumulative, Chronic Inflammatory, Auto-Immune “Disease”.
  UnTreated / Un-Neutralized Allergy is akin to an “Allergy SnowBall”,
                         which begins Rolling at Birth, gaining SPEED ( Frequency of Allergy
                         Related Health Issues ) and MASS ( Severity of Allergy Related Health Issues )
      as it Rolls Down Life’s Hill 🙁 !
An UnTreated / Un-Neutralized “Allergy SnowBall”….

Leads each Sufferer on a LifeTime Consumption Path of Allergy MED’s,

which have Nasty Short & Long-Term Side-Effects

and more Importantly, Only Mask Symptoms …

While the Sufferer’s Allergy Disease remains Intact

to Continue / Exacerbate UnAbated …

Setting into Motion a LifeTime Slippery Slope

of Multiple “Allergy Driven” Diseases

( Allergic ASTHMA to Name One),

Recalcitrant Health Issues

and compromised Quality of Life …

With Health / Quality of Life Issues,

Not only for Each Sufferer,

but Every Person they interface with

on a Personal and Professional basis … EveryDay !

For those who have Never known a Day in their Life, when they did not

                         Suffer from their Allergies to some Degree, it might be said that their
Allergies actually “SHAPE” ….
     Who they Are, as well the Lives that they live !

Allergies not only insidiously Compromise Your EveryDay Health …

                        But they Invade every aspect of your Professional, Personal, Family, Social,
                        Academic, Exercise, Relaxation / DownTime Quality of Life !
                        Namely, Allergies dictate What a Person Can / Can Not Do, Where they
                        Can / Can Not Go. It might be said that Allergy Sufferers become Captive
                        to the Limitations of their Disease.
                        Not only Shaping their Health, but as Equally Important, their Quality of Life  ItSelf !
   Allergies not only negatively impact the Quality of Life of EACH Allergy
                              Sufferer, but those of their Spouse, Family, Social Friends, Professional
                              Workers… virtually Everyone they interface with on a daily basis are
                              ALL negatively touched by Allergy Symptoms and Complications.
                             A poll, sponsored by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and
                                                                            Immunology, reveals that 94% of Allergy Sufferers say their condition                                                                                          Negatively affects their Quality of Life, but few do anything about it.
                             56% said they live in a household in which at least one member,
                             including themselves, have Allergies. Current estimates indicate that more
                             than 50 million people in the United States suffer from Allergic Rhinitis.
                             Allergy is the most prevalent Chronic Condition in Patients under the
                             Age of 18 yr.. Studies reflect that 42% of Children had Physician-Diagnosed
                             Allergic Asthma by y Yr. of Age.

 Friendly Allergy Reminder …

Allergy Medicine’s Only Mask Symptoms Short-term ..

Have Nasty Side Effects …

And Leave the Cumulative Progression of Allergy Disease Intact ..

To Continue Unabated …

Until ?

The Cumulative / Progression of
Child Allergy ( Disease ) MARCH

Begins with Allergy / Allergic Asthma Parents

[ 1 Parent = 45% / 2 Parents = 75% / NO Parents = 30% ]

In Utero / 9 mo. Womb

Birth of Infant

Eczema Baby

Colic Baby

Ear Issue Baby

Wheezing Baby

Child with “Constant Cold”


Allergic Rhinitis Infant

Strong possibility

LifeTime of Allergic ASTHMA.
Allergy > Allergic Asthma
One Airway / One Disease

    Recent Medical Journal Reviews have Concluded that a Close

                                   Relationship exists between Allergic Rhinitis & Allergic Asthma.
                                  Because Allergic Asthma often precedes the Onset of Clinical Asthma,
                                  it is considered a major Risk Factor for the development of Allergic
                                  Asthma, indicating that Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic Asthma represent
                                  a Continuum of the Same Disease Entity.

Is Today’s Allergy > Tomorrow’s Allergic ASTHMA ?

  Genetically Defined in the Womb, and Beginning at Birth, the

                                 Cumulative / Progressive Nature of Allergy Disease sets into Motion an                     
             “Allergy March” of Medically Defined Resultant Diseases often on its                                                
         way to possibly Allergic Asthma.

Allergic ASTHMA is Driven by ALLERGY

  Allergic Asthma is the most common type of Asthma.

Approximately 90% of Children with Childhood Asthma have Allergies.

Enviro Allergy Sources such as Grass, Tree, Weed Pollens, Dust Mites,

Molds, Insect and Animal “Trigger” Asthma Symptoms / Attacks.

If You have Allergic Asthma …

And If You are Not Neutralizing your Enviro Allergies ..

It is the Same as …

“Trying” to Extinguish an Allergic Asthma Fire ..

But the Gasoline / Allergy Hose …

Is Still Pumping Gas !

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