GOOy CHEWy Tummy Qty 1



GOOy CHEWy Tummy / Qty 1 Ctn / 45 Pieces Total – $46.16

MSRP $ 54.31 – Intro Discount 15% = $ 46.16 ( $ 8.15 Saving ! )

GOOy CHEWy Tummy is More than a 100% Natural / Honey-Based Confectionery.

It is also a “GUT-Biome Functional” Confectionery !

Packed within Each Tummy is a SymBiotic Gut-Biome Blend of an Immuno-Modulating Prebiotic and a Stomach Surviving Prebiotic.

It is this Co-Supporting Pre & Probiotic Synergy, which Adds Up to a 1 + 1 = > GUT Health Result.

GOOy CHEWy Tummy Benefits

Prebiotic: Immuno-Modulation boosting Mucosal First Line of Defense followed by Secondary enhancement of Natural Killer Cell performance. This combined with enhanced AntiOxidant Power and providing enhanced Intestinal Nourishment.

Probiotic: Enhances “Good Bug” GUT-Biome Ratio supporting Nutrient Absorption and Optimizing an overall Healthier Gut and Immune System.

All Adding Up to a Happy / Healthy GOOy CHEWy Tummy !





GOOy CHEWy Tummy / Qty 1 Ctn / 45 Pieces Total – $46.16


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