Allergy Care Options

Treatment Options – Allergy / Atopic Dermatitis

                                                                               Doggy GOO                                                                                         Your Best (Only?) Viable Allergy Treatment Option. 

Allergy / Atopic Dermatitis – Friendly Reminder:

Allergy is 24 / 7 / 365 / a Lifetime – Cumulative, Progressive, Chronic Disease. 

A Mis-Wiring in the Animal’s Immune System to Enviro Sources.

Setting into Motion a “LifeTime” Slippery Slope of Multi “Allergy Driven” Health Issues,

Endless Consumption of Symptom Masking Pharma, compromised Quality of Life for Your Animal (and “You” ),

as well as Endless Time & $$ Visits to your DVM.

75+% of our Itchy Allergy Dogs suffer from Allergy to Enviro Sources Vs Food Allergy of 5%.

Classic Symptoms of Allergy to Enviro Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds.

Constant Itching / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ears / Hot Spots / Bacteria & Yeast Skin Issues / Hair Loss

Treatment Options – Allergy / Atopic Dermatitis 

                                                                       Option #1) Do Nothing      

                                                                          Animal’s Health & Quality of Life continue to Erode   

due to ReOccuring / Exacerbating Symptoms and Health Issues.   

 Requiring “Future” Multi Time & $$ Trips to DVM to Treat Symptoms.

Option #2) Home Remedies / Over the Counter Products

              Quite often, Home Remedies are the First Choice for Pet Parents with Itchy Allergy Sad Dogs.     

  Not only because of their “Anecdotal Success Stories”, but because they are readily Available and Inexpensive.

                         These include (but not limited to): adding Coconut or Omega Oil to the Food,                                           

Adding Colloidal Silver, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Leaf Oil,  Baking Soda, Diluted Iodine,

Quercetin, Nettle Leaf, Zinc Cream or Grape Seed Oil to Itchy Area. 

  While these Ingredients may provide your Animal with Some “Temporary” Relief,

Itch Relief is primarily achieved by keeping the Skin Clean and Free of Infection,

they are not Medically Based and ( most Importantly) do not Target / Fight the Source of Allergy i.e. the Animal’s Immune System.

When You look to Over the Counter Remedies, You find an UnEnding Supply of Medicated Shampoo’s,

Ointments & Supplements. But while these Remedies may have a “Higher” level of perceived Medication Focus,

they too only focus on mitigating the Skin / External Symptoms and Do Nothing to Target / Fight the

Source of Allergy Disease i.e. the Animal’s Mis-Wired Immune System.   

                                             Never Ending selection of Over the Counter Medicated Shampoo’s, Ointments, Supplements etc., 

   as well as Home Remedies “may” provide Temporary Relief.

                       However, because Allergy is a Mis-Wiring in the Animal’s Immune System,   

             they Do Not Target / Fight the “Source” of Allergy Disease.

Resulting in Ever-Increasing Allergy Symptoms & Multi Time & $$ Trips to DVM.

 Option #3)  Diet Changes / Exotic Novel Proteins / HypoAllergenic Foods 

  [ Is it Food Allergy or a “Bad Bug Dominated” Pharma Induced GUT-Biome ? ]

Far too often, Pet Parents move their Itchy Allergy Dogs to New / Exotic Diets with the Belief that their Animal’s Itching / Allergy Issues are “Food Allergy Driven”. However, when Your look to the DVM Allergist / Dermatologist Research, You are find that only 4-5% of our Itchy Allergy Dogs have true Medically Defined Food Allergies. Still further, DVM Allergists indicate that the “Only” Scientific Method to confirm a Food Allergy is via a Time & Laborious “Food Elimination Diet” requiring multi months and arduous Ingredient Control.

But “If” Your Animal is a Finicky Eater or has G.I. or Stool Issues, Healthy GOO believes that it may be possible that the Animal’s GUT-Biome is Out of Good Bug / Bad Bug Balance. In this case, the “Issues” that prompted the belief of FOOD Allergy may have been caused by past Antibiotic or Heavy Pharma Consumption.

Responding to this Challenge, Healthy GOO has formulated GOO Gut Rescue, a Blend of Prebiotics and Probiotics, Colostrum and Food Extracts which have been DVM Formulated to “Rescue” Your Animal’s GUT-Biome from Bad Bug Dominance.

Option #4) DVM Prescribed Anti-Itch Pharma.

Yes, Anti-Itch Pharma “Does Stop the (Allergy) Itch”, but is Endless and only Masks Symptoms,

leaving Your Animal’s Allergy Disease / Fire Intact, only to Burn Brighter & Hotter as Time goes On.

Anti-Itch Pharma can be viewed as a Viable Short-Term “Option”, to Lessen Allergy Anxiety and give the Animal the Quality of Life that they deserve. But only “Until” a Long Term “Solution” can be Initiated and begin to Work.

Every day, Veterinarians see the Health and Behavioral ravages caused by a Pet’s Immune System being Out-of-Balance. Constant chewing on their feet, rubbing their face on carpet, scratching of the body, recurrent ear infections, hair loss, G.I. issues and mutilated skin are all symptoms of an immune system that is losing its battle against everyday Environment Sources such as Pollens, Dust Mites, Food Mites and Molds.

To make matters worse, these symptomatic behaviors often lead to a Slippery Slope of further and cumulative secondary health issues (i.e. Itching / Open Wounds / Infection because Immune System suppressed via Anti-Itch Meds ) which all adds up to a Sad Dog and a Sad Pet Parent.

One of the most common causes of immune system imbalance, with the resulting symptoms, relates directly to the immune system’s “misdirected” immune response against sources in your pet’s environment that are really harmless. In essence, your pet’s immune system “Thinks” that these harmless sources are actually health attackers, and in turn attacks them with relentless ferocity. This misdirected immune response to a harmless source is called an Allergy.

Allergies are an incredibly common, and frustrating, problem in Pet Dogs. Unlike humans, respiratory manifestations of environmental allergies are not usually very noticeable. Dogs with allergies get itchy skin, and they scratch like crazy as a result. The underlying inflammation and

the scratching both lead to secondary infections, especially of the Ears and Skin. 

Dogs with Allergy Symptoms usually start to develop between one and three years of age. They may start as late as age 6 or 8, but over 80% start earlier. To make matters worse, as the animal ages, it usually develops allergies to additional things and the response to any one source becomes even more severe.

Yes ! > Your Dog’s “Allergy Itch Switch” is Turned Off 

But are the “Other” JAK Immune Switches also “Turned Off” for …

· Policing the Body against Tumor Formation

· Controlling Body Growth and Development

· Forming White and Red Blood Cells

· Providing Immunity with proper functioning of your Dog’s Antibody-Producing B Cells and the “Policing” T-Cells.

· Regulating Inflammatory Response

Yes, Your Dog’s “Itch” is Fixed, > but do you Create Multi-Serious > Others ?

So …

Why not Stop “Trying” to “Short Circuit” Mother Nature …

Why not Stop Masking Canine Allergy Symptoms w/ Pharma, leaving Your Animal’s Allergy Fire Intact, only to Burn Brighter & Hotter.

Why not …

Target / Fight the Source of Enviro Allergy Disease from the Immune System Inside > Out !

Why not ReCaliberate Your Dog’s Allergy Mis-Wiring with a DVM Allergist Formulation.

Why not build heightened “Internal” Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Sources,

With the Doggy GOO Goal, that “External” Allergy Symptoms are increasingly Mitigated. (dare we say ) are No Longer Triggered.

Why not make Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies a GOO-Licious FUN Treat for your Dog ..And Fun for You to See them Happy & Healthy 

Time to …

Stop Dancing around the Allergy Fire > Time to DVM Allergist Extinguish It !

Why not look into Doggy GOO  

Option #4) Doggy GOO = Your Clear Choice.

Doggy GOO ™

Is Your Constantly Itchy / Paw Chewing / Gunky Ear / Hot Spot Dog [Allergy] SAD ?

Doggy GOO makes the Serious Business of Fighting Itchy Enviro Allergies FUN !

GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Treat FUN for Your Dog.

FUN for You to See them Healthy, Happy, and No More DVM Visits !

GOO-Licious Peanut Butter Doggy GOO builds heightened Immune System Tolerance to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds > 100% Naturally.

Your Veterinary Allergist / Dermatologist Formulated Allergy Care Option that Tastes like a Treat.

Does Your Dog suffer from Itchy Allergies?

Doggy GOO ™ is the first and only 100% natural, Veterinary Dermatologist Formulated “Click & Order” Canine Allergy Product on Today’s Market.

Doggy GOO is designed to:

      Simultaneously & Synergistically Target, Support and Balance a your Animal’s overall Immune System
      Fights Itchy Enviro Allergies from the Inside > Out ! By Building natural Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Environmental Allergy Sources
      Fosters a healthy Gut Response through the use of Prebiotic & Probiotics
      If your Dog suffers from the Itching, Biting, Gunky Ears or Hot Spots associated with Enviro Allergies, Stop Endless Masking of Symptoms               with Pharma, while Your Animal’s Allergy Fire only Burns Brighter & Hotter with Everyday.
                     May we suggest, Please give Doggy GOO ™ a Try.

Itchy [Allergy] Sad Dog ?

Your 3 Step > Solution !

Your “Long Term” Solution  =  Target / Fight the “Source” of Allergy Disease from, Immune System InSide > Out !

[[> 3 STEPs to a Healthy & Happy Dog !

#1) Visit your DVM for an Allergic Derm Diagnosis 

      Perhaps Begin Your Dog on a ( Short Term ) Anti-Itch Pharma i.e. Apoquel or CytoPoint.

[] Note: Pharma will Stop the Itch …

 But because it only Masks Symptoms is Your “Short Term “ Strategy …  Until Your “Long Term” Solution can be put in place and Begin to be Immune Engaged.

#2) Also, Begin Your Dog on DVM Allergist Formulated / 100% Natural / Click & Order > 

#3) DisContinue Pharma as Your Animal’s Allergy Status improves.

     Continue Doggy GOO to keep Allergy Disease Controlled.

Pet Parent Enviro Allergy Treatment Options for their Itchy Dog.

     .   [] OTC = Helps “OutSide” Symptoms, but Does not Treat “Inside” Immune System Mis-Wiring.

     .   [] DVM Pharma = Does Stop the Itch, But only Masks Symptoms requiring LifeTime Consumption, leaving Allergy Fire InTact, only to Burn Brighter / Hotter with EveryDay.

     .   [] DVM Allergist Shots = Take Tooo Long and are Not Pet Friendly and Not Pet parent Time / $$ / Patience Friendly.

Step #3 > Doggy GOO = Most Viable and Effective Solution !

.   [] Click & Order / 100% Mother Natural – Peanut Butter GOO-Licious …. 

.   [] DVM Allergist / Dermatologist Formulated

.   [] Fights Immune “Source” of Allergy Disease from InSide > Out !

.   [] Builds heightened Immune Tolerance to 15 Major Enviro Allergy Offenders.

.   [] Targets “Allergy Driven” Symptoms of Paw Chewing / Gunky Infection Ears / Hot Spots / Yeast & Bacteria Skin Issues / Constant Itching.

.   [] Non-Prescription / Click & Order Delivery Convenience.

.   [] 100% GOO-Liciously Mother Natural

.   [] 7+ Yr. Pet Parent / Real World Endorsed.

.   [] Doggy GOO “Stressed Phase” = Approx. 90 Days @ $2.00 / Day.