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GOO Gut Rescue

Health Function Ingredients

5 R’s of GOO Gut Rescue
Rescue / Restore / Repair / Retain / Resolve

Your Animal’s MicroBiome from Pathogenic BAD Bacteria Bug Dominance.
Your Animal’s GUT to MicroBiome Health / Balance / Functionality.
The GUT Lining Permeability caused by the persistent presence of Pathogenic Bacteria.
Preserve a Healthy GUT / GI MicroFlora Balance supporting Correct & Healthy Functionality.
Build heightened Immune Tolerance to 7 Provocative FOODs prompted by GUT ImBalance.
To Build Tolerance to 7 Provocative FOOD Sources.
  • DVM Allergist / Dermatologist Selection / Formulation of FOOD Group.
  • Pure / 100% Natural FOOD Concentrates.
  • Builds Tolerance to 7 Provocative FOOD Sources > Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Wheat, Corn & Soy.
  • GOO’s GOO-Licious Lick / Lick / Lick “Pet Friendly” Delivery introduces FOOD Concentrations  to your Animal’s Immune System, where your Animal’s Adaptive Immune System Tier is Leveraged toward building Tolerance.
  • Together with RESCUE’ing your Animal’s GUT MicroBiome, by building FOOD Tolerance allows Your Animal to partake in the Full / Nutritious Dietary Bounty that is Available.
  • Now Your Animal can Eat like a Modern Day Cave Dog !

GUT / GI Tract MicroBiome Balance / Health
  • DVM Microbial Animal Expert Formulation specific for Canines.
  • A Multi-Strain Blend of ProBiotics Re-Establish then Maintain Healthy MicroFlora Balance & Health.
  • GOO Gut Rescue featured Major Probiotic GanEden’s BC30.

Visit the BC30 WebSite and Read Why BC30 is not only Good for You, But also GOOd for your Dog .

  • A Multi-Ingredient Blend of PreBiotics provide Energy Source for maximum ProBiotic Efficiency and MicroFlora population.
  • Additional Multi Ingredient Selection supports GI Health Performance of Pre & Probiotic Ingredients.
  • Restoration of GUT / GI Immune Functionality / Health reduces enhanced Sensitivity / Health Issues to varied FOOD Sources.
  • GOO GUT RESCUE’s Microbial Formulation Re-Establishes MicroFlora – Immune System interaction by using colonizing GI Bacteria with have known Immune Modulating Characteristics, which are critical to Eliminating Immune System Over Reaction by the Immune to common Pathogens & Antigens. Restoring a proper MicroFlora – Immune System Presence / Interaction is one of the Critical Steps toward GUT Immune Health & GI Balance.
    Added GOO GUT Rescue Thoughts about Healthy MicroBiome….
  • The Bacteria in your Animal’s Digestive / GI System is Vital to Health and Well-Being of Your Animal.
  • Your Canines GUT is host to a vast colony of MicroOrganisms, mostly Bacteria. This Colony outnumbers the Cells in a Animal Body by a factor of 10, and its Metabolic Activities are so Important that Gut Bacteria are sometimes called a “ Forgotten Organ ”. They perform a Host of useful Functions, including helping Digestion, Training the Immune System, Preventing the Growth of Harmful Bacteria, producing Vitamins for the Body and regulating Appetite. Modern interference with the composition of this Gut Flora may play a Significant Role in the sharp increase in Pet Obesity and Autoimmune Diseases.
  • When your Animal is Taking and Following an Antibiotic Protocol, maybe one of the most Important Steps you can take to improve your Animal’s Recovery and Future GI Immune Functionality / Health is to aggressively provide and maintain a consistent Source of Beneficial Probiotic Flora.
  • To further your Insight into the Importance of Your Animal’s GUT / GI Immune Functionality / Health and overall Importance of a Healthy MicroBiome, Human Studies have revealed some Alarming Costs of taking Antibiotics, which do not discriminate between Disease-causing Bacteria and your “Own” natural MicroBiome.
         In a Patient who took a Week-Long course of Clindamycin; Nine Months following this
Antibiotic Protocol, the subject’s Gut Flora was left with nothing but One Type, of Clindamycin-resistant strain of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. The Patient’s Gut Flora was further followed, and found that Even after TWO Years following this ” WeekLong ” Antibiotic Protocol, the Individuals GUT Flora had yet to ReGain its Original Former Bio-Diversity.Namely, the Individual’s GUT had been Re-Invaded / Re-Occupied by Pathogenic “Bad” Bacteria. And with it, compromised Daily GUT  Functionality and a GUT Lining under daily permeability Stress.
         Sadly, Unless Bad Bug Dominance is Replaced with Good Bug Dominance, this GUT Pathogenic Dominance will ReSide until the Gut-Biome is GOO GUT RESCUED, or the “Host” is No More 🙁

GUT Integrity = Seal & Heal the GUT.
  • Extended / ProLonged Dominance of Pathogenic Bacteria in GUT ultimately begins to Erode / Compromise the Integrity of your Animal’s GUT Lining, allowing Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Substances such as larger Proteins from FOODs to enter the Tissues of the Body. The Body recognizes these Proteins as “Foreign Invaders” and sets up an Immune Response to Protect the Body. A more common name for the immune response is the Inflammatory Response.
  • RESCUE’s Colustrum-Based Bio-Active Ingredient has been Clinically shown to REPAIR the GUT Lining Damage caused by this Dominance.
  • Colustrum-Based Blend of BioActive Peptides, ImmunoGlobulins and Growth Factors which support Passive & Active Immunity / Digestive Health and the Elimination of potentially harmful Bacteria and Antigens before they have an Opportunity to Enter the Blood, Tissue & Organs.
  • Immune supportive Compounds allowing multi-faceted mechanisms of actions to support Mucosal Immune Protection and Healthy GUT Integrity.
  • Reduces Inflammation and Promotes Speed & Strength of Healing of Intestinal GUT Lining Damage caused by Antibiotics / Poor DIET / Illness and ultimate present of Pathogenic Bacteria.
  • Maintains & Protects Integrity of MucosaProtects against Future GUT / Intestinal Permiability, Aids local Immunity, Systemic Immunity and antigen Handling.
  • Increases Cell Proliferation & Migratory Activity.
  • By Optimizing Intestinal Wall and Mucosa Health, Prebiotic & Probiotic Ingredients are able to Achieve Full animal Health Potential.

GOO Omega.
  • GOO GUT RESCUE Omega Sourced via Whole CHIA & Flax Seed Oil.
  • Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Protein, Fiber and AntiOxidants.
  • Stronger Bones & enhanced Joint Mobility and resulting in lower dosage of medication to manage Joint Pain.
  • Enhanced Endurance & Energy
  • Enhanced Cognitive Function.
  • Promotes CardioVascular Health.
  • Improve assimilation of Food / Digestion, increases Nutrient Absorption and encourages better Waste Elimination.
  • Excellent Source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc & Copper.
  • Nutty Taste = GOO-Licious for Your Dog.